Low Solid Sealer 5L

This is a colourless sealer which has the same benefits as the high solid sealer and is used on concrete with a less porous surface.

This is more suitable for applying in warmer weather conditions and as a base coat.

Available in 5ltr and 25ltr drums.

View the application guide and technical data sheet for Low Solid Sealer.

More Information
Experience the ultimate protection and enhancement for your concrete surfaces with PICS Low Solid Sealer (LSS). Crafted from a premium blend of high-grade acrylic resin polymers and aromatic solvents, LSS is specifically designed to impregnate PICSPAVE slabs, offering a combination of curing, hardening, dust-proofing, and sealing benefits. Key Features:
  • Permanent concrete hardening and sealing
  • Resistant to hot temperatures and freezing conditions
  • High viscosity for deep penetration and true in-surface seal (ISS)
  • Non-reemulsifiable and non-blooming when wet
  • Excellent inter-coat adhesion and non-yellowing
  • Anti-carbonizing agent prevents delamination
  • Slip-resistant and resistant to petrol, diesel, oil, and grease
Application Instructions: Ensure the slab is fully dry and free of release agent residue. Cut control joints before application. Spray LSS evenly in two equal applications, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second. Avoid direct sunlight and rain during application. With coverage of 4 to 6m2 per liter per application, LSS offers robust protection and enhancement for your concrete surfaces. Trust PICS Low Solid Sealer to bring out the full depth of color of PICSPAVE while providing unmatched durability and performance.

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Low Solid Sealer