Release Agent

The purpose of Release Agent is to prevent the printing mats from pulling up the freshly laid concrete. Release Agent is available in powder and liquid form.

Release Agent

Release agents are a crucial component when it comes to imprinted concrete. They play an essential role in the stamping process, providing a barrier between the concrete and the stamping tools, ensuring clean and consistent imprints. Allcrete offers a range of release agents, including PICS Antique Release Agent and PICS Liquid Release Agent.

PICS Antique Release Agent is a specially formulated powder that creates an antique effect on imprinted concrete. The release agent is available in a range of colours, allowing you to achieve a variety of antique effects to match the overall aesthetic of your project. This product is designed to be used with Allcrete’s range of imprinting mats and stamping tools, and it works by preventing the concrete from sticking to the tools during the imprinting process. The result is a unique and textured surface that mimics the look of natural stone or brick.

PICS Liquid Release Agent is a water-based release agent that is designed to be sprayed onto the surface of the concrete before the stamping process begins. This product prevents the stamps from sticking to the surface of the concrete, ensuring that the final result is clean, consistent, and free from blemishes. The liquid formula allows for easy and even application, and it’s available in a range of colours to complement your chosen pattern and colour scheme.

Both PICS Antique Release Agent and PICS Liquid Release Agent are ideal for use with Allcrete’s range of imprinted concrete products. These release agents are designed to ensure clean and consistent imprints, while also providing an added element of design and texture to the finished surface. Whether you’re looking to create a subtle antique effect or simply need a reliable release agent for your project, Allcrete’s range of release agents has you covered.