PICSTAIN 1 Litre – Acid Based Stain

PICSTAIN is a blend of mineral salts in a mildly acidic solution which, when applied to concrete surfaces,
react with free lime to form permanent coloured surfaces without risk of peeling or flaking.

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Introducing PICSTAIN Chemical Stains, your solution for adding vibrant color and character to both new and existing concrete surfaces. Crafted with a unique blend of metallic salts, PICSTAIN creates a stunning “colour etch” effect that enhances the natural beauty of concrete, leaving behind a permanent and variegated finish. Here’s why PICSTAIN stands out: Purpose: PICSTAIN is designed to add color and design to a variety of concrete surfaces, including internal floors, large expanses of existing concrete, and new concrete paving. For optimal results, pair with PICS Colour Surface Hardener to achieve stunning aesthetic effects. Special Properties:
  • Improved Aesthetic Appearance: Enhance the visual appeal of concrete surfaces with PICSTAIN’s permanent color effect and unlimited design possibilities.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both internal and external projects, PICSTAIN offers a wide color range to suit various design preferences.
  • Controlled Depth of Color: The number of applications of PICSTAIN can be adjusted to control the depth of color, allowing for customized results.
  • Easy Application: While detailed application instructions are provided, PICSTAIN offers ease of application for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.
Maintenance: To maintain the quality appearance of installations, professional cleaning and re-sealing are recommended every 12 to 24 months, depending on factors such as traffic volume, UV exposure, and weather conditions. Limitations/Site Samples: Variations in concrete mix designs, curing methods, and surface porosity may result in variations in the color of the finished product. It is recommended to use PICS Colour Surface Hardener for new concrete surfaces to achieve more accurate results. For existing surfaces, sample areas should be treated with PICSTAIN to preview the variegated finish. Technical & Test Data:
  • Packaging: Available in 5 and 25-liter containers.
  • Yield: Between 6 and 10 m² per liter per application.
  • Coverage: Variable depending on the type of finish and age of concrete.
  • Storage: Approximately 12 months when stored in cool conditions.
  • Color Range: Available in 8 vibrant colors.
Enhance your concrete surfaces with PICSTAIN Chemical Stains—unlocking endless design possibilities while achieving lasting beauty and durability.

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