Introducing Hatcrete Exposed Aggregate

Elevate Your Concrete Aesthetics

The age-old practice of exposing aggregate has endured the test of time for a reason – and it’s far from fading into history. In fact, today’s innovators are breathing new life into this classic method, discovering innovative ways to bring exposed aggregate to new heights. With a multitude of advantages, an exposed aggregate finish is not just enduring; it’s a choice that contemporary contractors are embracing with enthusiasm.

The Beauty of Exposed Aggregate: An exposed aggregate finish holds a special place in the world of decorative concrete. This technique involves placing concrete and then skillfully removing the top 1mm to 6mm of the surface to unveil the hidden beauty of decorative aggregates. The result? A stunning surface that marries durability and skid resistance, making it a perfect choice for a wide array of businesses and homes.

A Meticulous Process: Hatcrete Exposed Aggregate is the embodiment of craftsmanship and innovation. It’s achieved through a meticulous process of selecting the right Colourmix color and decorative aggregate. The concrete surface is then chemically retarded, and the top 1-4mm of the cement matrix is artfully removed by a precise washing process. This intricate dance of chemistry and technique creates a surface that’s not just concrete – it’s a masterpiece.

Benefits Beyond Aesthetics: Hatcrete Exposed Aggregate isn’t just about looks; it’s about performance. Its benefits are abundant:

  • Very low maintenance
  • Natural, authentic appearance
  • High wear resistance
  • Diverse decorative options
  • Strong anti-slip properties
  • Freedom from weed growth
  • Elimination of shrinkage or trip hazards
  • Customization for local aesthetics
  • Longevity surpassing resin bound alternatives

Endless Possibilities: By thoughtfully selecting the aggregates and Colourmix, Hatcrete Exposed Aggregate offers an array of effects that cater to your unique vision. And if you’re seeking to elevate the impact even further, inlaying Picspave bands and borders can create additional stunning effects that set your creation apart.

A Lasting Legacy: Hatcrete Exposed Aggregate is more than just a choice; it’s a statement of endurance. It’s easy to install and boasts a remarkably long lifespan, with typical longevity ranging from 25 to 50 years – outlasting many modern alternatives.

Elevate your concrete design with Hatcrete Exposed Aggregate – a journey that combines tradition, innovation, and beauty. With its meticulous process, enduring quality, and a range of benefits, this decorative concrete finish is more than just a surface; it’s an experience that stands the test of time, setting new standards for excellence in concrete aesthetics.