Wallcrete Mix

Wallcrete mix is sold in 20kg bags. The base colour is white however by adding a pigment of your choice you can have a variety of colour options. 1 bag covers approx 1m2 – depending on the pattern depth chosen.


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Introducing Wallcrete Mix, your versatile solution for creating stunning, textured finishes on walls and surfaces. Sold in convenient 20kg bags, Wallcrete Mix offers endless possibilities for customization and creativity. Here’s why Wallcrete Mix is the perfect choice for your next project: Versatile Coloring: While the base color of Wallcrete Mix is white, you have the flexibility to add a pigment of your choice, allowing you to achieve a wide variety of color options to suit your design preferences. Coverage and Efficiency: With each bag covering approximately 1m², Wallcrete Mix offers efficient coverage, making it ideal for projects of all sizes. The coverage may vary depending on the pattern depth chosen, ensuring flexibility in achieving your desired look. Lightweight and Easy to Apply: As a lightweight render/plaster, Wallcrete Mix is easy to apply to most surfaces, offering convenience and ease of use for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Imprinting Options: Wallcrete Mix can be applied to surfaces and then imprinted to create the effect of stone, brick, or wood, allowing you to achieve realistic and visually stunning finishes. Customizable Finishes: While standard Wallcrete Mix is white, you have the option to apply colored pigments or concrete stains to achieve a unique and personalized finish, adding depth and character to your walls and surfaces. Enhance your walls and surfaces with the versatility and creativity of Wallcrete Mix—a trusted choice for achieving beautiful and textured finishes with ease.

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Wallcrete Mix