Liquid Release Agent 5L

Liquid Release Agent is a colourless liquid and is used on jobs where no secondary colour is required. Liquid Release Agent is more suitable for indoor jobs or where the powder Release Agent cannot be used.

Liquid Release Agent is sold in 25ltr and 5ltr drums. 25ltrs covers 200m2

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Liquid Release Agent 5L, the go-to solution for jobs where no secondary color is needed. This colorless liquid is ideal for indoor projects or situations where powder release agents are not suitable. With each 25-liter container covering up to 200m², Liquid Release Agent offers extensive coverage and efficient application. Here’s why Liquid Release Agent is the perfect choice for your next project: Efficient Coverage: With a single 25-liter container covering 200m², Liquid Release Agent offers extensive coverage, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency in application. Versatile Application: Whether you’re working on indoor projects or situations where powder release agents are not suitable, Liquid Release Agent provides a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Complex Mixture: Liquid Release Agent is formulated as a complex mixture, containing Octane and Isomers at 4%. Classified as flammable and harmful, it requires careful handling to ensure safety. Physical and Chemical Properties: Liquid Release Agent is a colorless liquid with an aliphatic hydrocarbon odor. With a viscosity of 1.02mm²/s, freezing point below -20°C, boiling point between 130-160°C, and flash point at 24°C, it offers stability and reliability in various conditions. Safety Measures: Ensure good ventilation during handling, avoid skin and eye contact, and refrain from breathing fumes. Store in a cool, well-ventilated place, and open containers with care to prevent pressure buildup. Experience the efficiency and reliability of Liquid Release Agent 5L—an essential solution for achieving optimal results in your projects.

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Liquid Release Agent 5L