Colour Surface Hardener

Allcrete Colour For Concrete Hardener is applied by hand and trowelled into the surface of freshly poured concrete, colouring and hardening the surface of the concrete.

Colour Surface Hardener is available in 25kgs bags in a range of 25 different colours.

More Information
Introducing PICSPAVE Colour Surface Hardener (CSH), your solution for creating stunning, durable, and slip-resistant concrete surfaces with authentic texture and vibrant color. Colour Surface Hardener is meticulously crafted to elevate your paving projects with its pre-mixed formula, featuring graded crystalline silica quartz aggregates, a blend of premium cements, and a proprietary chemical admixture package. Here’s why Colour Surface Hardener stands out: Purpose: Designed to be applied to freshly poured concrete and paired with textured imprinting mats, Colour Surface Hardener effortlessly replicates the look and feel of natural stone, slate, brick, tile, or wood paving. The result? A robust, visually appealing surface that resists wear, stains, and slips. Special Properties:
  1. Elastic Texture: imparts elastic properties to the concrete, allowing for deep texture and precise detailing from all imprinting mats, ensuring a lifelike finish.
  2. Enhanced Strength: Special admixtures minimize the risk of plastic shrinkage, enhancing both the strength and appearance of the concrete surface.
  3. UV Stability: With ultra-violet stable pigments conforming to BS1014 standards, guarantees that colors remain vibrant and true, even under direct sunlight exposure.
  4. Exceptional Workability: Enjoy improved workability and lower water demand, resulting in a tough, durable surface that withstands the test of time.
  5. Color Variety: Choose from our selection of 20 standard colors, all inter-compatible and blendable, empowering you to achieve custom hues with confidence.
Application Instructions:
  1. Preparation: Ensure the concrete slab meets PICSPAVE specifications and finish as per Typical Specification Number 102.
  2. Application: Once surface bleed water has evaporated, apply PICSPAVE CSH evenly by hand in one application (or two equal applications for a rate of 5kg/m2). Avoid casting CSH over long distances or in strong wind.
  3. Finishing: Immediately after wetting out, work PICSPAVE CSH into the surface using a magnesium float until the slab is uniform in color and level. Finish with a steel trowel to close pores and remove undulations before imprinting.
  4. Detailing: Pay careful attention to finishing slab edges and construction joints where adjoining slabs meet. Apply Release Agent and place PICSPAVE imprinting mats for a flawless final result.
Elevate your concrete paving projects with PICSPAVE Colour Surface Hardener. Durable, vibrant, and easy to apply, it’s the perfect choice for creating stunning outdoor spaces that stand the test of time.

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