Hand Screeds

Master Finish – Screeds with Built in Level

C30L 3mtr Aussie Screed

C21L 2.1mtr Aussie Screed

C15L 1.5mtr Aussie Screed

Aluminium Box Screeds

GA018 4mtr 4″ x 2″ Box

GA019 6mtr 4″ x 2″ Box

Kraft – Whiskey Stick

CC425 5′ Magnesium Blade

Levels and places concrete quickly. Rounded edge for floating and square edge for cutting and filling. Handle tilts to the right floating angle.

Kraft – Screed Brackets.

CC502 (pair)

Quickly and easily attaches to screeds or four by two boards.

Allows user to comfortably stand instead of kneeling. Keeps hands out of the concrete.

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