Concrete Placers & Rakes

Kraft – Concrete Placers

CC944 Aluminium Placer 19½” x 4″

CC944-30 Aluminium Placer 30″ x 4″

Strong lightweight aluminium concrete placer.

Guildquip – Concrete Placer

GA020 Aluminium Placer 19½” x 4″

GA028 Aluminium Placer 19½” x 4″ with wooden handle.

Kraft – Steel Placer

CC901 20″ x 5″

Heavy duty concrete spreader with wooden handle.

Kraft – Concrete Rake

CC114-01 24″ Magnesium Rake

Heavy duty concrete rake with wooden handle.

Kraft – Tri-Level Placer

CC932 24″ Magnesium Placer

CC934 36″ Magnesium Placer

CC935 42″ Magnesium Placer

Float, screed and level concrete with this versatile placer.

Height of handle can be adjusted to engage surface of tool or point of triangle.

Kraft – Concrete Chute Rake

CC987-01 Concrete Shute Rake

Blade is rounded to suit most chutes. Sold complete with wooden handle.

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